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I need your help now – this is Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate – this is the unequivocal truth:

Is this starting to make sense to you?!?

Etc. Etc. Etc...
This is the Truth!
I need your immediate help now!!!

My Quantum Technological Revolution (and the theft of it) – John Brennan is a Murdering Torturing Thief as is this entire CIA / FBI / CSIS / CAF.

This is Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate

Russiagate is a botched CIA murder operation to have been conducted in Russia planned in conjunction with CSIS (little league CIA of canada) the root of which is the theft of my intellectual property to line their pockets - originally my millions (my Secure Administrative Management System) then my Trillions (the Quantum Technological Revolution that I own – Quantum Radio et al.). The purported leaders of our United States and this Earth have stolen my intellectual property and body and life with the full expectation of my murder (after multiple previous attempts). This is the Truth.
These people are all guilty of High-Treason.

I need your help now or I will be killed.

“Power is a Nation of Free People - Debt Free” - Benjamin Allen Sullivan


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